Tow 1 Grade Sisal Fibre

Colour of fibre is creamy
white to cream.
The fibre is free of undecorticated barks, knots, dusts,
and sweepings and does not contain fibre of other mentioned grades.
Packaging: Bales of 100kg / 250kg
28mt/ 14mt: 40ft container and 20ft Container
Product Capacity:500MT/Month
Delivery Time: 15-21 Days after confirmation of deposit payment

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The sisal fiber , with long and white color, strong and pliable, good tension, high friction resistance, high acid and alkali resistance and high resistance to corrosiveness , are widely utilized for spinning, making ropes , cores for steel wire rope, polishing buff, carpet, paper pulp, building materials like gypsum board, doormat and other different kinds of products.


Grade Color Length Impurity Rate Moisture Content Packing
UG Natural White 85-120cm ≤5% ≤13.5% 100kg/bale
UG Bleached White 85-120cm ≤3% ≤13.5% 100kg/bale
SSUG Natural 80-120cm 10-16% ≤14.5% 100kg/bale