Sisal Fiber SSUG Grade

Brand Name: UG Grade Sisal Fiber Grade
Model Number: Natural fiber
Product name: UG Grade Sisal Fiber Grade
Color: Natural White
Type: Sisal Hemp Plant
Name: Raw Natural Sisal Fiber
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UG Grade Sisal Fiber Grade

100% Natural sisal fiber

Sisal fiber is strong and pliable, wear-resisting, alkali-resisting, corrosion-resisting. Therefore, the sisal fiber rope can be applied in many fields like transportation, fishery, oil industry, metallurgy etc.  sisal fiber from kenya

Our sisal fiber is made from the high quality sisal hemp, which is strong enough. The sisal fiber can be used to produce many products, for example sisal rope, cable etc. The sisal fiber is with strong tenacity, good tension and pliable, high friction resistance, high acid and the sisal fiber is alkali-resisting to corrosiveness etc. The sisal fiber is widely used in making ropes, cores for steel wire rope, cable, polishing buff, carpet, pulp, building materials, doormat and other different kinds of products. 

Sisal Fiber UG / SSUG Grades

Grades-UG / SSUG

Fiber Strength-=880N

Length- = 90cm -120cm

Trash ContentAbout-3%

Moisture Regain-11

Color- Cream white natural

Length of fiber from 60cm (2feet) upwards. Color of fiber may vary from yellowish to more dark and blemished.


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