Sisal Fiber Grade No. 3 Short

Material Raw Sisal Fiber
Fiber Length 110-130CM
Color natural white or mixed with natural cream
Moisture 10%-15%
Impurity 0-2% max
Packaging 100kgs/bale
Feature Anti-Bacteria, Anti-UV, Chemical-Resistant, Eco-Friendly, Flame Retardant, Radiation-Resistant
Use Concrete, Filling Material, Non-Woven Fabric, Spinning
Pattern Raw
Use Concrete, Filling Material, Non-Woven Fabric, Spinning
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KGS 14000 28000
BALES 140   bales of 100kgs 280 bales of 100 kgs

 We regularly offer large quantity orders for a short term and long term worldwide supply and also offer good discount prices for bulk orders ONLY!!.

Length of fiber from 90cm (3feet) upwards. Color of fiber: mixture of whitish and yellowish free of defective decortications, free of tows and properly brushed.


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