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Palm Oil, palmolein oil or palm kernel oil is another controversial oil whose demand has been increasing worldwide. Palm oil mainly derives from palm fruit, which is native to Africa. In Africa, palm oil has been consumed for thousands of years. Its shape is different at room temperature, where it remains semi-solid. This palm kernel oil has hidden benefits of good nutrients that affect your body and make it healthy. There are numerous benefits of palm oil that its consumption can avail. It relieves you from diseases that may consider as harmful. Furthermore, it boosts the metabolism of a human.

Olean Co Ltd was established in 1995 with the aim to supply the largest range of vegetable oil products in the market. We are an oil palm manufacturer and exporter of top-quality products at competitive prices, with customized blends and sizes available upon customers’ request. Leveraging on the vast experience and knowledge that we have gathered over the years, with our professionalism and passion for excellence, we are able to meet the needs of our ever-growing customer base. Certified by ISO 9001, Olean Co Ltd is a leading and prominent supplier of palm oil in Thailand.

We are equipped with the most sophisticated and modern processing facilities like Biodiesel, RBD Palm Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Refined RBD Palm Oil, Expeller Pressed Palm Oil, Refined Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Bleached Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil, GSPO etc.

Why purchase from us?

Consider the healthy factors of palm oil make us a great palm oil supplier. We deal with quality material which we import from African countries. Our source of material shall always remain authentic to give you an authentic flavor in your meals. We offer a guarantee of providing the best and most healthy palm oil.


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