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Corn oil is an oil that makes our lives easier than ever, especially in cooking. You might know, that corn processes through several stages to become a refined oil. It is a high-smoking oil mainly used for cooking, frying, baking, roasting, etc. Also, customers can use it in sauteing, marination, dressings. From your kitchen to industrial places, it serves an equal job role at every place. Containing healthy components are always a blessing for the consumer, wherein you get free antioxidants in a huge ratio. Whereas in industrial sites, corn oil is used for producing rubbers, cosmetics, inks, insecticides, etc. It is an inexpensive oil, due to which most of the households prefer it.

Olean Co Ltd is the leading and prominent supplier of corn oil in Thailand. We are a manufacturer, dealer, and exporter of corn oil in Thailand. Our products are extraordinarily rich in their fatty acid content, making it an excellent natural source of beta carotene. The Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids found in our product are highly recommended by health care professionals. Our corn oil is not genetically modified and is 100% organic.

The use of bulk corn oil has been well established in the industrial world as a high-value additive to lubricants, fuels, plastics, and a host of other products. As an edible oil, it has a long history of medicinal applications and has been used for skin care, hair care, as well as infant nutrition.

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Olean Co Ltd is a leading corn oil manufacturer, supplier, and exporter where we deliver our corn oil in multiple countries and their respective markets. From kitchens to cafes to industries, we distribute our products at every corner. Consider your good health with us to stay fit.


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