Sourced from small-scale African farmers for the freshest, premium quality, organic spices.

Origin: mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar

WHIZZ TRADING CO. LIMITED offers conventional and fully organic, premium quality cloves, sourced directly from small-scale farmers in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

We work closely with our network of small-scale farmers in Tanzania to ensure that cloves are cultivated with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and are fully traceable, from harvest to delivery.

Each clove plantation contributes to afforestation and is harvested with traditional, sustainable methods only

Product Details

Cloves are available in whole form, packed in 11,000 kg (20 foot container) and 25,000 kg (40 foot container).

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Clove’s Nature

Cloves are the pink aromatic flowers of the tree belonging to the Myrtaceae family, cultivated in well-drained, nutrient-rich, moist soil in high temperatures with good sunlight and rainfall. The unopened flower buds are air-dried in the sun for several days for commercial use, including culinary, medicinal.

Uses of Cloves

In culinary, cloves offer a warm, sweet, aromatic taste that blends with both sweet and savory dishes. Clove also has antiseptic and antibiotic properties as a rich essential oil or when produced as toothpaste, soap, and perfumes.

Type Clove
Quality Conventional and organic, premium, air-dried
Weight 11,000 kg or 25,000 kg
20-Foot or 40-Foot container
Best Use Within 1 year
Form Whole
Shipping Sea freight


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