Black Pepper

Sourced from small-scale African farmers for the freshest, premium quality, conventional and organic spices.

Black Pepper

Origin: Mainland Tanzania

Native to Tanzania’s Morogoro and Tanga regions, WHIZZ TRADING CO. LIMITED offers conventional and fully organic, premium quality black pepper, sourced directly from small-scale farmers in Tanzania.

We work closely with our network of small-scale farmers in Tanzania to ensure that black pepper is cultivated with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and are fully traceable, from harvest to delivery.

Each black pepper plantation contributes to afforestation and is harvested with traditional, sustainable methods only.

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Black pepper is available in peppercorn and ground, packed in 25 kg bags (20 foot container).

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Black Pepper’s Nature

Black pepper, or Piper nigrum, is produce of peppercorn pods, which are fruits of a tropical evergreen vine. As a climber plant, the vine grows in shady areas near trees, up to a height of 10 meters. The fruits are green before they turn red as they ripen, which are then harvested for white and black pepper.

Black Pepper is indigenous to India, and is largely produced in Indonesia, Vietnam, and increasingly Tanzania, where climates are hot and tropical with temperatures ranging from 10 to 40 degrees Celcius. The spice is commercially packaged as whole peppercorn pods or in grounded form, and is one of the most widely used spices in the world.

Uses of Black Pepper

Black Pepper has many uses in the culinary space, offering a memorable spiciness and strong, bitter aroma that makes it palatable when added to different cuisines and combined with salt. It is also added to cocktails and drinks, which produces a pleasant, interesting taste.

Apart from its culinary qualities, black pepper helps with digestion and due to antioxidant and antibiotic properties, it can also help to improve the overall immune system.

Type Black Pepper
Origin Mainland Tanzania
Quality Conventional and organic, premium, air-dried
Weight 25 kg bags
20-foot container
Best Use Within 1 year
Packaging Peppercorns, powder (ground)


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