Agro-Afrique Company Limited factory has been erected in 2007with refinery production capacity of 300 tons/day and 450 tons/day filling capacity at Doduma 4th Organized Industry Zone. Vegetable oil sector was introduced with Sunflower oil, whereas the oils so produced were distributed within short notice from the local market to overall worldwide in general.

The company increasing its competitive power with every year elapsing, upgraded its production capacity of 600 tons/day in year 2014 to 650 tons/day in year 2017. Agro-Afrique Company Limited while in respect of its investments was busy installing refinery, winterization, bleaching and deodorization units with the Thai Company Stsugarmill, as one of the leading enterprises of the sector, Italian technology was selected for filling and packaging issues.

Our Operations

Carton placement and packaging system is carried out by utilizing robots in an automatic manner. In the factory premises, where 150 employees are employed, there is a rack/stacking system where packing materials equivalent to 5000 tons of production could be stored via electrical stowage machinery. Whereas for finished products, there is a rack system where 7000 tons of products are stored.

In the factory premises, there is also available a hydraulic damper system and electric as well as LPG driven forklift trucks enabling fast, practical and problem-free shipment on board 40 trucks per day (640 tons)…

Our Targets For All Markets

Our target is while increasing from one day to the next our market share as well as recognition in Turkish domestic market on one hand, on the other hand representing our country in the best possible manner in the foreign markets by our brands. Agro-Afrique Company Limited brands meeting consumers in more than 55 countries worldwide, are ever increasing their recognition over a wider geographical territory.
At present, while cooperation with such developed markets like Europe, Far East, Africa and the Middle East, are opening new export markets, these serve as references for us in respect of the next country.

Our Strategies

While growing in international markets, we are at the same time ongoing to present quality products to our dealers in both markets with accurate and appropriate prices. Powerful family ties we have established with our dealers are carrying us from success to success. Our team mates are exerting maximum efforts for satisfaction of our dealers and customers. Thanks to such a synergy, both our dealers and our consumers see and consider us as one of their family members.

Proceeding With Growth

Several advantages are provided to our dealers through our marketing and distribution network in parallel to our requirements, thanks to our investments as well as production facilities of global standards. And to that end, we shall be continuing with our investments at the right times and in speedy yet secure steps. Jointly with our business partners, we shall be advancing more every day equipped with such faith and achievements bringing us together.

With Our Deepest Respect and Affection.