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Agro-Afrique Company Limited was founded in 2007 with with the assurance of Naasai Holding. The flavor journey, which started with 650 tons/day in the refining unit and 1000 tons/day in the filling unit, gained speed with the investments made and the production capacity increased rapidly.
With the margarine facility completed in 2014, Agro-Afrique Company Limited has successfully added solid oil to its portfolio, with a production capacity of 200 tons/day, continues its activities for both domestic market and export.

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Sisal Fiber

Sisal fibre is derived from the leaves of the plant. After harvest, the freshly harvested leaves of the agave plant are pressed in machines to separate out the fibers. Subsequently, the separated fibers are washed, dried in the sun, bleached, and combed with rotating brushes. The dried fibre represents only 4% of the total weight of the leaf.

– Sisal is broadly categorized under three grades and applied in various industries according to the grades.
– Low-grade: cellulose and hemicellulose portion are mainly used
– Paper industry
– Cordage industry
Medium-grade : used in making of binder twine, ropes, bales
– Marine
– General industrial purpose
High-grade : used by blending itself with wool and acrylic for softer hand
– Carpet industry

Sisal Fiber For Sale

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We value integrity, hard work and perseverance, and welcome the continuing challenges and opportunities that inspire our business every day. We have the resources and solutions that can benefit our customers whether they are starting a new business or expanding an existing one.

Our customers can take advantage of our highly efficient logistics-, sales- and distribution channels, which take the task of establishing new, cost-intensive trading structures off their hands.

We offer distribution with direct access to all markets, making us a partner for all channels. This ensures a swift market penetration in all European countries. We are an authorized distributor for various leading enterprises that count on our professionalism and competency.

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